Success! Rucksack project and Reverse advent

Help the less fortunate this Christmas

We’d like to thank everyone who donated to our help the homeless campaign it was a huge success!

We managed to fill 10 rucksacks to help the homeless on the streets of Stockport and 2 for their dogs.

A special thank you to  Quba and Chilli for donating coats and jackets and J & N Herz for their large clothing donation.

A thank you to all our tenants and members of the public for donating food and toiletries for our reverse advent, We managed to take a rather large collection down to the Wellsprings.


Broadstone Mill are joining forces with Entertain The Kids this December to bring a little festive joy to others.

We are getting involved in the Rucksack project next week here at Broadstone Mill to help the less fortunate this Christmas.

If you can help with any of the following items we’d be really grateful. index

Hat scarf and gloves, undies, flask, fleece or a jumper, socks, a sleeping bag, toiletries or soups etc..

We are also filling a rucksack for a dog! Any dog food, toys or old blankets you can spare would be great.

The rucksacks are being given out in Stockport on the 4th December therefore all items need to be given to reception by Thursday 1st December
We are also doing a reverse advent calendar throughout December.

Each day there w6d31cf62ffbb6497c836c2bfa0dbbb9aill be an opportunity to donate an item suitable for the homeless such as toiletries, Feminine Products, Chocolate, Canned meats, Soups, Socks, Canned Fruits but not pineapple(Food banks revive a lot of pineapple), spices, crackers etc..

Once you have popped your item into the box you get to open our advent calendar and get your chocolate!

On the 24th December everything in the boxes will be given to the Wellsping, a local charity designated to helping the homeless and disadvantaged people.

All donations big or small should be brought up to reception, office 429 based on the 4th floor.