Broadstone’s Christmas Shoebox and Rucksack Appeal

Our Shoe Box Appeal was a HUGE  success.

We managed to fill 31 completed boxes with little extras inside!

We would like to thank all our tenants for their extremely helpful donations!

We are now helping with the Rucksack appeal (We had lots of left overs) The Rucksack appeal is a great local cause that helps the homeless each year, 365 days no matter what!

We did it! with all your help we managed to fully fill 16 Rucksacks for Wellsprings in Stockport.

All Donations were great appreciated.

We would like to say a huge special thank you to:

Wilson, Martin Barry, Gaynor (DSC) for her rather large supply of toothpaste and torches. Rachel Heatons Footcare for her completed 2 boxes. Lee for his supply of vending machine chocolate, Bmso for the christmas cards, Gary from Tuf Tools  for his completed box.  Geoff capes driving School for his donations. Usman from Clear Environmental.  Steph, Simon, Owen and Debbie from computeam ,Matthew for his generous donation paying the £1 per shoebox for distribution costs. Murphy Cassidy, Stu and jack for their donations.  AAI for completing 2 shoeboxes.   Diane and Gemma from herz , Mike Healey for his supply of hats and gloves.  Tiger for her donation of 2 completed boxes. Jilly from Stockport Bic for our scarfs. Adam from Synigise Digital. Chris at Bariquins for his shoebox.  Cheshire Quality care Cqc and another lady from the 3rd floor (We didn’t catch your name!) The Bmso Staff, Karen, Linda, Hazel, Justine and Pauline for their 7 shoeboxes, SMS for a large collection of clothing, Alec for the sleeping bags and flasks, Rose from Chilli, the girls from Quba. Iman for his donation. Sharon from simon antony , Mita Patel Makeup Artist for her sweets, Dave Robinson D R Autobodies for his large donation of sleeping bags and finally Debbie, Shaunna and Elaine from Broadstone Mill.

Every year we do something to help the less fortunate at Christmas, after last years success this year we are taking part in the Manchester Christmas Shoebox Appeal, something slightly different.

The Shoeboxes should consist of the following items:

Toothbrush & Toothpaste, Soap or Shower Gel, Baby wipes and Deodorant, Hairbrush or Comb, Chocolate, Sweets & Biscuits, Hat, Scaf & Gloves, Warm socks, a torch and a £1 per shoebox to help with distribution costs.

If you would like to donate any of the above it would be a great help, lets help spread some joy this Christmas!

All donations are to be brought to the 4th floor reception by the 17th November 2017 individual items or ready filled shoeboxes, your choice!